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Application of DTU network in industrial automation of yingt

Programme requirements
With the maturity of automation, unmanned workshop, industry 4.0 and other technologies, at present, injection molding has not only realized the automation of loading and unloading, the use of centralized feeding system for loading and unloading, the mode of using manipulator and conveyor belt for unloading, and the completion of centralized processing in the later stage, basically realizing the automatic production of injection molding workshop.
Industrial automation takes "production order execution" as the core of "production process" management, "pre-warning, quality assurance and process transparency". The remote monitoring system of xinyangbang DTU / Lora injection molding machine includes data collection, equipment status monitoring, process parameter audit, equipment abnormal alarm, automatic work reporting, production Kanban and other parts. It can manage, track and record the operation links of each equipment, and realize efficient and comprehensive information collection and monitoring management. Through the system, the management mode of the factory will be extended from the office to the field operation level of the factory.
Technology deployment
The injection molding machine itself is equipped with MODBUS industrial control bus data or the most basic status signal output. Xinyangbang DTU / Lora / industrial router / Nb IOT data transmission terminal collects data from the equipment data interface RS232 / RS485 / IO interface, collects startup, operation and pause, and connects to the input end of the input and output control board through the output. The status information of the injection molding machine can be real-time sent through wireless mode Transfer data collection bus, based on the equipment, according to the communication protocol and interface of different equipment, and then transfer the data to the server by calling its interface channel. , transfer the effective data obtained from the equipment operation to the system equipment database through the local area network.
The sensing layer is connected with the controller of the injection molding machine, and the operation data of the injection molding machine is uploaded and released by wireless way, so as to realize the remote monitoring and intelligent control of the injection molding machine. The network layer is deployed on the server side, which analyzes the data system. The application layer supervises the geographic location and operation data of the injection molding machine. It can realize digital, intelligent management and centralized management and control for equipment upgrading, warehousing and after-sale service of injection molding machine, turn equipment sales into equipment operation, turn passive after-sale into active after-sale, and save labor cost and management cost. In addition, the system supports the Internet of things access of peripheral equipment of injection molding machine, such as mold temperature machine, blanking machine and dryer, which can provide the service of intelligent factory for users.
Program advantages
Equipment monitoring: monitor the startup, operation, suspension and fault status of the equipment, and automatically detect the current, voltage, temperature and humidity of the input and output control board;
Production management plan: provides the production work order arrangement management, and carries on the progress management to the production work order, the order issue, the output automatic statistics;
Remote maintenance: fault remote diagnosis, early warning information timely release;
Platform linkage: historical data query and data analysis, remote management and remote linkage control of all machines;
Stable transmission: strong compatibility of IO port, simple protocol docking deployment, online stability, convenient networking, cost saving;