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Daily spot inspection content of yingtu injection molding ma

No.1 lubrication - whether all relative parts are fully lubricated
No.2 travel switch - whether the position of travel switch changes due to looseness
No.3 proximity switch: whether the proximity switch should be loose and cause position change
No.4 hydraulic pipeline: whether the hydraulic pipeline has oil leakage
No.5 hydraulic components - whether there is oil leakage or oil leakage of hydraulic components
No.6 oil tank - whether the oil level of the oil tank is within the allowable range
No.7 screw - whether the screws of each connecting part are loose or fall off
No.8 Safety - whether the door safety travel switch and mechanical safety damper work normally
No.9 travel control panel - safety door travel control panel (lever) is stable
No.10 electric cabinet - whether the electric cabinet is clean
No.11 wire connector - whether the connector of electrical components is firm
No.12 hydraulic oil: whether the hydraulic oil is clean and anhydrous (clean the oil strainer)
Whether sufficient lubricating grease is added at the bearing of No.13 second rubber injection plate (remove old grease, add new grease, and replace the bearing if necessary)
No.14 mold adjustment part - whether the lubricating grease at the mold adjustment part is added sufficiently
No.15 oil filter - whether the filter element of bypass oil filter expands and turns black
No.16 lubricating pump - whether the oil tank and filter screen of lubricating pump are cleaned
No.17 wire - whether the wire is aging
No.18 sol screw - whether the sol screw should be replaced due to corrosion
No.19 Winch: whether the winch is seriously worn