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Injection molding machine processing -- Method of eliminatin

1、 Causes of cavitation
1 insufficient pressure in the mold
2 due to moisture and volatility in the material
3. Excessive and uneven thickness of products
2、 Associated knowledge
1. The cause of cavitation (bubble, void) is the same as that of dent
The so-called cavitation refers to the solidification of the material in the mold from the surface, and the material phase for the total volume of the mold
For the deficiency, due to this reason, a vacuum state of the hole is produced. Generally occurring in the thick part of the product and the injection material
3. Cavitation of transparent products is a problem. There are no obstacles in the use of cavitation of opaque products. There are also products
It should not be seen inside.
The cavitation caused by water and volatile matter, generally speaking, spreads to all parts of the product
The shape is generally small.
3、 Solution:
1 instant: increase injection pressure, extend injection pressure holding time, fully dry due to moisture and Volatility
Materials, and also, reduce the temperature of the heating barrel.
2 short term: injection material, flow edge, gate properly expanded.
3 long term: eliminate the over thickness of products.
4、 Due to the difference of materials
Crystalline materials and occasions with thick products
5、 References
It is better to let the product cool slowly after taking out
(17) Processing of plastic products -- the method of eliminating the swirling lines of products
1、 Causes of swirl marks in products
1 sprue cup too small (cold well too small)
2 Gate too small
3 temperature at injection nozzle is too low
2、 Associated knowledge
Materials with lower injection temperature from injection nozzle at the early stage of injection molding
18) Processing of plastic products -- methods to eliminate product embrittlement
1、 Causes of embrittlement of products
1 due to thermal degradation of materials
2 orientation of materials
3 residual stress
2、 Associated knowledge
Polymer material plastic, if its molecular weight is very low, material