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Injection molding machine processing -- the method to elimin

1、 Reasons for thickness difference of products
1 deviation of mould
2 due to the wrinkling of the injection mold
3 due to the deformation of injection mould
2、 Associated knowledge
As long as the mold has a slight deviation, the molten material flowing into the mold will be uneven. At the beginning of convection, the
When a large amount of pressure is applied to deform the die, the deviation will be larger and larger. Even when the mold is not deviated,
If the gate with uneven inflow is set, the same result will be produced
In order to prevent the displacement and deformation of the dynamic and static die, it is sometimes necessary to set up a reliable locking groove.
3、 Solutions
1 instant: decrease injection pressure
2 long term: the inner cavity of the dynamic and static mold is aligned with the mold core, and the groove is set for forced adjustment
4、 Due to material differences
As long as the material with good fluidity can enter the mold cavity under low pressure, it is difficult for the product to produce thickness difference.
5、 References
It is not effective to use the thick guide pin instead of the groove