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Knowledge of injection molding process

The same process parameters of injection molding machine can't guarantee the same quality of plastic products;
Consistent four plastic variables can ensure the production of consistent quality plastic products.
Regardless of the equipment variables, from the "plastic perspective" to see the process variables in the molding process, the whole process only includes four key process variables of plastic:
Plastic temperature, plastic flow rate, plastic pressure, plastic cooling time.
Tips: the four key process variables in the plastic molding process are:
Plastic temperature: refers to the temperature distribution of plastic during injection;
Plastic flow: refers to the shear rate distribution of plastic in the cavity during injection;
Plastic pressure: refers to the pressure distribution in the cavity during injection;
Plastic cooling: refers to the distribution of cooling rate and the duration of cooling process in the cavity after injection.
Tips for "injection molding knowledge":
Molding Economics: injection molding enterprises sell not plastic parts, but processing time of production equipment.
Four elements of profitable forming process:
First, shorten the injection cycle as much as possible;
Second, try to reduce the defective rate;
Third, as many cavities as possible, do not block the cavity production;
Fourth, minimize downtime and sell more injection molding machine time.
Tips: successful injection molding is based on the following four aspects:
First, good product design. Successful injection molding starts with good plastic product design;
Second, choose suitable plastic materials. This is directly related to the process design and production cost of plastic products;
Third, the correct mold design and manufacturing. Only through the strict verification of the injection machine plastic method, can the mold bring profits to the injection molding enterprise;
Fourth, injection molding technology of injection machine plastic. Only according to the characteristics of non-Newtonian fluid to establish injection molding machine plastic process can stable production.
Tips for "injection molding knowledge":
In order to ensure the smooth production of the product, in the product design stage, the product designer and the mold designer should unify the following basic information:
First, the position of the parting line and how to divide the front and back dies;
Second, gate position, gate quantity, gate shape and gate size;
Third, the position, size, quantity and ejection form of thimble;
Fourth, the heat concentration point on the product, the size and location of mold cooling water;
Fifth, the final surface of the product (such as fire pattern, etch pattern, polished surface, etc.);
Sixth, the position and size of the transition fillet;
Seventh, the position and size of demoulding slope;
Eighth, dimension tolerance grade.