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Six features of yingtu high quality injection molding machin

    There may be hundreds or thousands of imitations of any product. Take injection molding machine for example. There are many brands of injection molding machine in the market. It is difficult to distinguish the true and the false of the inferior injection molding machine. Once the inferior injection molding machine is purchased, it will seriously affect the production efficiency and economic efficiency of the factory. So, how to identify the performance of injection molding machine? It is easy to identify the advantages and disadvantages of the injection molding machine when purchasing it. Here, yingtu injection molding machine sums up to you that to choose a good injection molding machine, it must have six key points, which are super efficiency and energy saving, super good molding stability, super sensitivity, environmental protection and super reliability, and oil temperature is super constant. Here are six key points of injection molding machine:
1. Super efficiency and energy saving.
Under the same working condition, the excellent injection molding machine can achieve 20% - 80% energy saving rate compared with the traditional hydraulic injection molding machine. Therefore, from the point of super efficiency and energy saving, we can distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of different injection molding machines.
2. Excellent molding stability.
Molding stability is very high and excellent, servo drive system, closed-loop control, good injection molding machine compared with the traditional hydraulic injection molding machine, molding repeatability has been greatly improved.
3. Super responsive.
The response speed of the sensitive servo drive is very fast, and it only takes about 0.05s to start.
4. Environmental protection super performance.
When the machine is running, it is quieter, unlike the inferior injection molding machine, which makes a lot of noise, especially when it is running at a low speed.
5. The pressure maintaining performance is super reliable.
Compared with the traditional hydraulic injection molding machine, the range of adjusting the holding time is longer and wider, and the holding performance is more stable.
6. The oil temperature is too constant.
The servo motor outputs hydraulic oil in proportion, which effectively avoids unnecessary heat generation and slows down the temperature rise. The hydraulic oil can even save a lot of water without cooling.