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Injection molding machine debugging process

The pressure velocity is in linear proportion, not independent as we think. Many people are adjusting the process
It's easy to make mistakes when we think that they are independent and separate. In fact, as long as we understand their control
It's easy to understand the principle. To put it simply, stress is like we have ten people in a room,
Before this standard is met, we will squeeze in until there are ten people. Then we will have one
You're going to walk away one at a time, and the speed is how fast you squeeze in, so when you use high pressure, you're going to be very fast
If it's low, in fact, the purpose of high pressure has not been achieved for some time, because your room is empty
How can we achieve the goal of high pressure? Especially when you spray glue, if you don't reach
To the purpose of filling, the material at the front end of the injection will immediately cool down, which is very easy to form short injection, flow mark, and start-up
The skin, water lines and surface are lusterless, while the high-speed and low-pressure are not firm, so they can not form actions at all
We should pay attention to the linear relationship when adjusting the parameters; the key in the process adjustment
The following content needs to be replied to see
1. Many people adjust their craft just because others do it, and they do the same; they just know what it is, and they don't
In this way, we can only call it craftsman, and to evolve into craftsman, we must divide it theoretically
Analysis and understanding, of course, we can not require everyone to reach the master level, but as a person engaged in
For this job, you should strive to improve your level, adapt to the development of the industry, and find for yourself
To the space of ascension;
2. Key points: a; heat balance;
Heat balance: the heat produced and the heat discharged must be within a certain range
Dynamic balance in enclosure;
As we all know, the most important thing is to keep the technology stable
Slow, afraid of standing. Many people just look at it when they adjust the technology, but it's OK after half an hour,
In the end, if the pilot is tired, so are you; in fact, many problems can be solved at one time, or you can
Prevent similar problems from appearing again in a certain period of time;
Heat balance formula:
Drying barrel + heating ring + screw shear + runner shear = = cooling water + product + air
What we can control here are: heating (temperature) of heating ring, cooling water flow, screw speed, chamber
Temperature; product cycle;
3. In fact, the most important thing is the product cycle, because the profit is most related to your production efficiency; everyone
All want to shorten the molding cycle, but not everyone can shorten the molding cycle to the optimal state; for
What other people can produce 30% or even 100% less time than you, and the rate of good products is higher than you
A lot, can do basically no bad, but you are tired to die, good rate is very low?
Because you don't pay attention to the overall balance, maybe you pay attention to some important parameters,
Like pressure, speed, temperature, but what about the other details? For example, back pressure, screw speed, nozzle hole shear;
I summed up the experience of the technology is a sentence: bold, careful, cheeky;
Courage: you should understand that the injection molding has not been more than 80 years, and the screw is straight
Injection molding is only more than 30 years now. What you have done may be that others have not done it
Yes, so no one can tell you what to do, and no one can
To accuse you of not doing this or that;
Mind: it's what you have to do. You have to be very clear about the consequences, or you have to
Be able to get back to your former state of adjustment; remember that you are dealing with a non emotional machine, and
And it's a high-speed, high-temperature, high-pressure machine with a lot of energy, safety is always the first, safety package
Including personal safety, machine safety, mold safety, etc.; under the pressure of 175 kg / cm2, you will understand
Life is so fragile! And many materials will have chemical reaction, POM decomposition release formaldehyde odor phase
Letter you will never forget; there are more dangerous is that some mixture of two materials will explode;
So you have to be brave and careful at the same time!
Cheeky: that is to say, when you are adjusting the machine, you must keep a peaceful state of mind and not be excited
We can't be careless. What many people are prone to commit is that they can't let go of their identity and face, and make a large margin in the process of adjustment
You want to achieve the best effect in the shortest time, but according to the previous experience when you adjust the pressure or
At speed, we have to wait until three to five modes to get the actual effect, but if we adjust the temperature, we may have to wait until
It takes ten to fifteen minutes to react, and it may take longer if the temperature is lowered; so any urgency
It's not right to think about success. The most important thing is that when you adjust the temperature, you must be at 10
Observe again in about five minutes; and according to statistics, about 60% of accidents are caused by operation during adjustment
If it is caused by improper operation, and the accidents such as mold feeding and crushing, it may reach about 80%!
Everything has a process from time to time, and injection is a process of accumulation of experience, because now each
The continuous emergence of new types of plastics, the improvement of various mold structures, and the improvement of machines have been discussed with predecessors
We already have a lot of