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Injection pressure and speed regulation of injection molding

The working principle of the injection molding machine and the working principle of the injection molding machine is to inject the molten plastic into the closed mold cavity with the help of the thrust of the screw, and obtain the required products after curing and finalizing. As the production equipment of batch plastic products, on the premise of ensuring the quality, it is an eternal task to shorten the production cycle and improve the production efficiency, so it is particularly important to adjust the appropriate injection pressure and injection speed. The following is a brief introduction of the injection pressure and speed regulation method of the injection molding machine.
The adjustment of injection pressure and speed depends on the size of the product. A simple mold can be quickly formed in one or two stages, while a large complex mold is generally divided into four stages, and the quality of the finished product is better. One stage uses a gate that is slowly filled into the product, and the general speed pressure is below 30% and 40 bar respectively; the second stage is injected into the convex area of the front mold, at this time, medium speed and medium pressure (40% - 60%, 30-50 bar) should be used In order to avoid flow marks caused by too fast injection speed, 95% of the products are injected into the third stage. At this time, it is better to fill quickly to prevent the molten material temperature dropping too fast from affecting the product forming. The speed and pressure are set at 40% - 60% and above, 60-100bar respectively. The fourth stage starts to adopt slow buffer and enters into the pressure maintaining state to prevent the product from flying. The injection position can be determined by the short injection method. The so-called short injection method means that the entire cavity is injected first without slowing down the rubber, and only a small part is filled at a time, which is increased step by step. After several times of filling, the entire mold cavity is filled at last, so as to check whether the injection molding is uniform. The process setting of the whole injection molding pressure and speed is better to make the mold run smoothly without abnormal vibration.
Of course, the resistance is different under different plastic melting state, which needs to be adjusted according to the actual situation to ensure the injection molding machine work fast, stable and efficient.
On injection molding machine injection pressure and speed adjustment method, Feng Tiejun introduced here, hope to help you.