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Processing of injection molding machine -- a method to elimi

1、 The cause of product trace
1 marks on the surface of mold cavity
2 scratches caused by insufficient inclination of demoulding
3. Scratches during product handling
2、 Associated knowledge
1 when it is necessary to scrub the surface of mold cavity, clean cloth without moisture, dust, etc. shall be used,
When it is necessary to use gold when sticking the mold, only soft brass sheet and other metals should be used
2. There are many scratches due to insufficient inclination of demoulding, especially when there is concave pattern, it is easy to take off
The inclination of die should be very enough.
3. Marks caused by careless handling are also common. When the products are processed after forming, this process moves to
Another process should follow the principle of handle with care. It is better to pad thin plastic film between products. Cause system
Scratches caused by friction between products are common.
3、 Solutions
1 immediate: planned change of product use
Short term: for defects caused by mould trace, the mould cavity shall be polished to increase the demoulding angle.
4、 Due to material differences
Needless to say, it has something to do with the surface hardness of the material and whether it is easy to see with the eyes (color, bright and clean, transparent