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Processing of plastic products -- a method to eliminate prod

1、 Causes of albinism
1. Force during demoulding (poor demoulding)
2 excessive load
2、 Relevant knowledge
1. The same reason for the network cracking in the same section
2. It is common that excessive force is exerted on the product by the release pin due to poor release.
3. Whitening refers to stress whitening. From the process of stress yield curve and crack whitening on the diagram, we can see that it is necessary to whiten
Cost energy. After whitening, only a little energy will cause cracks.
3、 Solution:
1 instant: reduce the injection pressure
Short term: improve mold cavity finish.
3 long term: the angle of demoulding should be enough, and the demoulding pin should be balanced.
4、 Due to material differences:
1 ABS is prone to whitening.
The materials with poor fluidity are easy to produce fusion marks in the forming process.
5、 Reference:
1. In the post-processing (cold room processing) of ABS, the whitening of products shall be considered.
2. It is easy to separate the fusion marks due to the release agent, so it must be absolutely avoided.
It is reasonable to say that the general fusion mark should not be particularly weak, but in reality, it is often damaged at the fusion mark
4. The distinction between fusion marks and cracks can be distinguished as long as ink is applied to the products.
5. If there is this phenomenon, it is easy to produce flash at the place where the fusion mark is located. This is to show that the material
The pressure of the material reaches a high level. Because of this, there are few dents in the place of fusion marks