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Product details of small injection molding machine

           There are risks in commercial investment. Many people buy injection molding machines to save costs, and often choose small injection molding machines. The price of large injection molding machine is high and the operation is more troublesome. With the development of the times, the volume of the injection molding machine is becoming larger and larger, and the plastic products produced are huge and heavy. Take DEKUMA injection molding machine for example, the weight of the products produced by this model of injection molding machine has reached an amazing 4600 tons, and the weight of the products has reached 63000 grams.
Compared with the 25 meter long large-scale injection molding machine, the 80t small-scale injection molding machine is compact, light and easy to operate. 80t's small injection molding machine is really a little guy, but don't think that little guy is useless, small and big. Take 80t small injection molding machine for example. People who know how to use it know that the length of this type of injection molding machine is 3.7 meters high, 1.8 meters high, and the weight of the production gram is 100 grams. This volume and width is indeed much smaller than that of large injection molding machines. For such a small machine, what products are better to produce after buying it? Don't worry, many small products can be produced. For example, the most common mobile phone shell can be produced with 80t small injection molding machine.
As we all know, the length of the mobile phone shell is generally no more than 20cm, which can be produced by a small injection molding machine. The inner distance of the pull rod of the 80t injection molding machine is within 355. As long as its mold thickness is no more than this value, the mobile phone shell can be produced absolutely. Compared with the large-scale injection molding machine, the small-scale injection molding machine has one advantage: injection accuracy and production speed. The smaller the injection molding machine is, the smaller the error range of the single injection weight is. If the weight requirement of a product is relatively high, it must be produced with a small machine. Take the car remote control key for example. This product is produced by 15t injection molding machine, and the mold is small and precise. The more multi cavity mold, the greater the weight error.
In short, although small injection molding machine can not produce large products, it can produce small and fine plastic products. If the factory mainly produces small products, it is a very wise decision to buy small injection molding machines.