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Injection Molding Machine SM-V90

Injection Molding Machine SM-V90


Injection Molding MachineGrandon creates independently the box type high rigidity mold structure for the clamping part; the clamping support guide rail adopts the high rigidity design to reduce the deformation effectively; the toggle structure optimized and designed with computer achieves exceptionally stable and rapid clamping; and the enlarged mold thickness, the gear mold regulation unit and the internally installed mechanical safety lock as well as the -degree rotary product blanking bucket, all help achieve your individual demands and make your operation easier!



• High rigidity template with template's small template deformation and pull rod's long service life can ensure the performance of die assembly.
• The gear mold regulation unit can regulate mold precisely and with good synchronism.
• The clamping support guide rail uses joist steel structure with high rigidity in order to lower the deformation of the rack.injection molding machine parts
• The toggle structure optimized and designed with the computer program, cooperating with the regulation of 4 stages and flow during opening and clamping mold of the controller, in order to achieve exceptionally stable and rapid clamping.
• Rotary product blanking bucket can adapt to the workshops and products can be taken out from different places.
• The differential motion clamping unit can improve the mold transferring speed and productivity substantially.
• Ejector pin adjustable unit

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