yingtu injection molding mach

Yingtu 220 injection molding machine introduction, injection

Yingtu 220 injection molding machine introduction, injection

1.High load oil bearing

Machine hinge and moving parts are oil bearing, reduce the use of lubricating oil, reduce maintenance costs and can reduce oil, improve the cleanliness of the machine.

2.Synchronous hydraulic precision mold adjusting mechanism

Hydraulic motor, central positioning gear mold adjusting system, so that the mold adjusting system more perfect

3.Internal security without adjustment

New type of hidden safety bar without adjustment, less exposure, higher safety

4.Adjustable two – plate wear – resistant slipper

Special high polymer wear-resistant material with oil-smooth feet, adjustable height, balance weight, durable and clean

5.Extra large auxiliary spare space is reserved

Convenient connection of electric, gas and oil lines of precision mold and flexible conveying device

6.Optimize the design of high rigidity precision clamping system

Optimized template design, front hinged lug and two-plate casting, crosshead guide rod support, rear hinged lug side and tailplate casting

7.Intelligent volumetric lubrication distribution system

Intelligent volumetric oil injection distribution system, oil distribution is equal, high lubrication efficiency, increase hinge life

8.Modular energy saving and high response oil circuit design

Modular energy saving and highly responsive oil circuit design, speed increase by more than 25%

9.Large screen high speed precision microcomputer controller

Automatic mold adjustment function, input mold thickness, can automatically adjust the position of the template; Screw speed detection; The operator can accurately adjust the screw speed, has achieved the best plasticizing effect; The computer is controlled by PID closed-loop, and the temperature can be set within 399 ° c ±1 ° c. 400mb high speed microprocessor, precise control. Powerful function, can choose to match the standard data interface such as European standard manipulator; Optional injection molding parameters such as filling pressure, curve display, convenient to set the process parameters and understand the machine operation.

10.Professional plasticizing and injection solutions

For various raw materials and processes, to provide a full range of professional screw barrel combination, and can provide a variety of materials for customers to choose, improve the quality of users’ products.

11.Balanced bijective displacement structure

Double shot transfer cylinder is balanced on both sides of the barrel to ensure that the nozzle is not offset, good sealing, not easy to leak glue

12.High precision linear guide rail injection structure

The injection and plasticization system adopts linear guide rail, high precision, high rigidity and low friction coefficient, which makes the motion resistance of injection and sol low and stable, and the adjustment is sensitive, which is more conducive to the injection molding of low viscosity and high temperature materials.

13.Built-in high efficiency cooler

Small volume, high cooling efficiency, ensure oil temperature stability.

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